This time the Newest Honda Civic hatchback who was caught being tested. Honda Autoexpress as reported on Friday (04/08/2011) Civic body cover to maximize incognito.

Face of all-new Honda Civic looks better with a new grille changes. British Honda claims the car is already adjusted to the tastes of English society.

Not only the body parts are revised, rumored Honda also will present the latest diesel engine in the Civic 2012. The diesel engine is smaller and more friendly to the environment.

The latest generation Civic was still carrying the engine capacity of 1400 cc, 1,800 cc and 2,000 cc with a relatively low fuel consumption.

For the 1,800 cc engine, Honda's latest Civic can consume gasoline fuel for a distance of 17.43 km with 1 liter of gasoline. Also will carry a 2200 cc turbodiesel engine that memyemburkan power of 140 bhp.

source : detik.com

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