Electromagnetic sokbreker, Last December in compression "Future of Electric Vehicle" or the future of electric cars in San Jose, United States, representatives from the University of Technology Eindhoven, the Netherlands presented the results of research institutions, namely a new type of suspension that works in electromagnetic. 

Active Suspension 
Sokbreker is not only working in electromagnetic, are also active. Exactly, also gave a mechanical response when the car drove on the road surface is uneven. Amazingly, its active work is now controlled via computer. 

Computers control the suspension based on information received from the accelerometer and other sensors on the vehicle. Based on these data later sokbereker kerjannya set back and only lasted a few seconds. 

Sebenanrya active suspension is not new on the car's suspension. Already many manufacturers who use them. Nevertheless, in a hydraulic system works. Now, researchers from Eindhoven said electromagnetic response capability much nicer. In addition, also dinial ebih safe. Because when vehicles are invited membelik, conditions remain steady and comfortable! 

Electric Power 
Size elektromagnetiki shock absorbers are the same as the conventional type. The system consists of passive spring and an electromagnetic actuator, the control unit and battery. Springs - works quite well - produce kepegasan, while magnets do passive damping. When the battery is worn out, the system works mechanically. 
Electricity consumption of 500 watts or semperampat energy required hydraulic suspension. Life time and battery life was assessed will be longer. In fact, the electromagnetic properties can sokbreker digunakn to generate electricity. Explained also by the designers of this sokbreker still continue to develop to get the best performance, among others, increasing energy efficiency. 
Further, increasing convenience to reach 60 percent. It was only tested on one wheel and tested by simulation in the laboratory. While the results of tests with the installation on two wheels, more stable again. 

Sokbreker is now msih tested. Each wheel is equipped with sokbreker who work on their own. Planned, each suspension unit (sokbreker) can interact or communicate with other units. With this, the coordination of movement is set more precise sbiasa sobreker again. 

If it is steady, the suspension was developed the University of Eindhoven who get help from the company's famous Swedfia mechatronics origin, SKF. Immediately memantenkan and market it commercially! Great universities are also just as this!

source : kompas.com

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