Honda CR-Z  become Hybrid Cars. Honda CR-Z will be a super hybrid car Honda. Performance Honda CR-Z will be proportional to cars Type R.engine 1500 cc i-VTEC and IMA hybrid motor that was developed by Mugen eventually going to use a special component to the engine power increased by 50 percent.

Used supercharged engine would encourage workers to give off energy 200 Ps. These components are also going to produce greater torque than the standard version of the CR-Z.

For the record, high-performance car ever made ​​was the Honda Civic Mugen Type R that can go with the power to 240 Ps.

Another aspect to support the engine, the Honda CR-Z would be diet. Mugen plan would be to lose weight. Among them will be redesigned front bumper and rear bumper.

In addition to stopping the engine power is already great, the car that was also chosen as best car in the Japanese plan would be adopted 17-inch disc brakes with 4 calipers on all four 17-inch alloy rims.

source : detik.com

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