A good way to take care of the car radiator there are a few things:

1. Do water draining the radiator for a week once.
2. Fill the radiator with water re-use of clean water without using water-based chemistry. Because if the water contains chemicals then this water can take the radiator and the cells will take uatama function of the radiator wasp nests that are no longer able to cool off your vehicle engine.
3. If there is dirt in the radiator wasp nest is very thick so it must be cleaned by washing in clean water or using steam.

Then, to perform minor service try the following:

1. Check by removing the radiator and clean it wasp nest, about once a year in order to find out how the condition of your radiator wasp nest.

2. Remove the head of the radiator located on the wasp nest and clean your radiator with clean water.

3. Clean the hose pipe wasp nest found on the radiator, using a steel plate measuring approximately 0.8 mm in length but must be considered the steel plate should be longer than the pipe wasp nest found in the radiator. How to clean, provide a larger container than the wasp nest your radiator water. After that clean in a way poke-yodok with steel plate inside the container.

4. After the hose pipe found on the wasp nest that is clean, wipe the wasp nest by using clean water or it could be steam cleaned using the usual tools you use to wash your vehicle.

5. Make sure the radiator cap and hose pipe in the radiator must be in good condition and not cracked even more broken. Because these functions to deliver a better cooler.

6. Attach everything back to the meeting and without any cracks or holes once. Since this serves to prevent any dust or dirt inside.

source : detik.com

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