Automotive market in China's growing automobile principal force in the world are competing model offered the following new technology. Including Ford America, today (18 / 3) launched a new Mondeo to local bamboo curtain country that has been equipped with latest machinery and Ecoboost GTDI Powershift transmission.

The heart was implanted Mondeo 2.0 liter capacity and is designed to have maximum power 236 HP at 6,000 rpm and 340Nm of torque at 1.00-3.500 rpm. Fuel consumption of 7.9 l per 100 km, quite economical for the engine with the power of it. Can be fitted because saving dual-clutch powershift transmission.

Mondeo production in 2011 has received an update or change, at least 232, mostly in the components sector. Trus, ditingkatnya safety system by adding an air bag to protect the driver's knee, tire pressure monitor system.

Not only that. The main lights turn on automatically when the weather was overcast, so do the wipers work when wet glass. Then, there are parking sensors front, rear camera monitor, and information systems around the car when it crossed the dark street.

"In addition to great power, but fuel-efficient, Mondeo 2011 offers many new features, including safety and comfort elements that make excellent Mondeo on about it,"said Nigel Harris, General Manager of Changan Ford Company, today (18 / 3 .)

source : kompas.com
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