Causes of Car Alternator damaged. Other triggers worn alternator, when crossing flooded with water levels appropriate to the position of the alternator (+ / - 50 cm) so that it can damage when active.

The signs began to soak alternator battery indicator light picture or writing 'CHG' lit. In addition to a voice from the alternator due to bearing that has begun to wear out. If not promptly replaced, the rotor and stator will come into contact, seizures, and finally burnt. If it's automatic burning unusable alias destroyed. Alternator only home that could be reused.

In order to prevent the number of parts replaced, as has been past his or popping sound strange, do get reproduction. That is, some of the main components in it should be replaced with new, including the voltage regulator and rectifier current (rectifire). While the coil, rotor and stator can still be used. Having replaced the alternator can be used at least 3 years with normal use.

 source : kompas.com
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