BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Spec, Price and Review. BMW  ActiveHybrid 5 petrol engined twin-turbo inline  six cylinder engine with an electric motor capable of spitting out a power of 340 hp which is then channeled through the 8-speed transmission. When only using the electric mode, the car is capable of running up to 60 km / h and spraying power to 55 hp.

BMW Active Hybrid 5 will provide the sensation of driving and dynamic acceleration for the rider. Additionally, this car will also be equipped with smart energy management system with powerful navigation system.

In addition to BMW ActiveHybrid 5, BMW reportedly also will market a hybrid version of BMW X6 and 7 Series and 3 Series is preparing for the birth of a hybrid that reportedly will be named the BMW ActiveHybrid 3.
source : detik.com
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