Lito Sora Spec, Price and Review. Lito Sora who is a Canadian-made electric motor is claimed to be able to walk as far as 300 km with just one charge. Sora is the first motor Lito Lito made ​​that is better known as a specialist electrial drive systems and electrical energy storage. This motor sold for 26,400 pounds.

This motor has a design like a cruiser bike with a fairing made ​​from aluminum and carbon fiber body from. Bike seat has been applying the system of electric-adjustable seat that allows the rider to change the seat even though the vehicle is running.

Furthermore, the electric motor is also capable of driving up to the speed of 193 km / hour. To maintain the comfort of the rider when riding, pinning Lito integrated GPS on these motors. And incredibly, when you're filling power of this motor, the iron horse will be sent an email to you when the battery is fully charged.

source : detik.com
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