Lamborghini  Watches Spec, Price and Review. Lamborghini  AV-L001 is a wristwatch-shaped  air dam is priced Aventador 35,100 U.S. dollars. Swiss products are manufactured in 66 units  a year and claimed the car a character similar design (Aventador) that has been launched this year.  Available in a variety of  unique and specific colors, such as  Ithaka Green,  Yellow Edonis,  Monocérus White,  Black Pegasus,  Borealis Orange,  and Red Vulcan.

AV-L001 Lamborghini held by Adriano Valente is made of Karbonyte (C-Ti compound), which is a new technology in terms of base material at a strong, but lightweight. There is the "Closed" at the bottom of the aluminum-accented and the "Open" with sapphire glass materials. Each customer will be accompanied with the order number and color code. So, to the 66th owner of this watch would not be a frame, engine, and an appropriate color.
source : kompas.com

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