How to Detect Car Sokbreker Conditions. Here's  an explanation that can be used to find out if  your car sokbreker still functioning well.

1. visually

Sokbreker performance weakened due to the leakage and seepage can be seen in the presence of oil that sticks to the outside sokbreker. Can also seepage has started covered by dust or dirt. So, to be sure, the dirt in sokbreker must be held, whether or not containing oil.

2. vote

Another trend, the emergence of strange noises from the street when passing sokbreker damaged or perforated. The sound is quite disturbing and felt a little vibration on the steering wheel or deck near the pedals.

3. Flavor or control

This condition is necessary for adequate sensitivity and good sensitivity of the driver because it involves the feeling. Another situation that can help is the emergence of symptoms of excessive wobbling when driving at high speed. It could also arise from excessive swing as it passes speed bumps or potholes.
source : kompas.com

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