Lamborghini Aventador Miniature Price. Interesting about this 1:08 scale miniature model is a very detailed note to achieve perfection. The result, Aventador replica is created with very special.

Mini model will be auctioned at a price of 3.5 million euros fantastic. Could make ten times more expensive than the actual price of the car.

Why the price is very expensive? Wheels and interior actually using gold and platinum. Moreover, the bullets and the Lamborghini badge made ​​of gold and precious jewels. For the materials alone cost 2 million euros, and worked for 500 hours.

source : okezone.com
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Aninda Olivia said... @ September 21, 2011 at 9:29 PM

i like lamborghini, i ever bought lamborghini but in games CraziKart.hehe

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