President Obama's Bus Spec, Price and Review. The bus is a bus that used Obama's job. Price this bus was pretty crazy, reaching U.S. $ 1.1 million. In the cabin there is sitting area containing two chairs and sofas and chairs in the back empak. There is also a lot of phones and flat screen televisions that used Obama and staff to perform duties of the presidency and control everything.

The bus is also equipped with a full room with a bathroom in it. This bus will be part of a fleet of "protective" used by the Secret Service to transport the president. And since this is officially a bus service then president of the United States is almost certain that safety levels would be very high.

Because Obama is the official car of course be able to withstand machine-gun fire until a grenade explosion. The same or even more powerful would be applied in this bus even though the White House official did not disclose the specifications and security features of their applications on the bus.
source : detik.com

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