Honda CBR Fireblade 2012 Spec, Price and Review. Of detail can be seen there is a new body design that seemed stiff bike. This motor is embraced Big Piston Forks, with other last feature is the rear suspension, new speedometer fitted hour and a lighter weight tires. 
However, Honda's loyal fans to be disappointed after the motor has not been confirmed using a V4 engine spec. 1000cc engine with a capital looks the same as the previous model or the 2011 Fireblade. 
There was also no sign of a traction motor control. In the gear. Not yet available and no extra buttons are also indications under S1000RR rivals from other electronic features. 
2012 Fireblade motorcycle pliers look at pictures, do not have a ring on the wheel speed sensors. Honda continues to give customers a choice, to choose a bike without ABS brakes.
source : okezone.com

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