Gasoline With Octane Value To Vehicle. Low octane gasoline with more flammable. The higher value of CR (compression ratio) on the machine means that require high octane value of gasoline. High berkompresi machine make gasoline burn faster (due to high pressure), which would be a problem is, when the gasoline burned early before the spark plug sparked a fire. When the piston rises to the top do the compression, burning gasoline ahead of the spark plugs, piston effect as being hit hard by the explosion of the combustor.

Gasoline with higher octane (pertamax, pertamax plus, etc.), generally equipped with cleaning additives, and so on. But not a lot to give additional strength, so higher octane number not mean more 'powerful'. Because the benefits are worth less when compared to the price is high, then the edges are just a waste of money.

  • Recommended for gas according to the value of the compression ratio. (unless there are other modifications).
  • Increasingly HIGH octane value, then the slower burning gasoline (due to higher fuel point).
  • Increasingly HIGH octane value, then the gasoline is more difficult to evaporate (low evaporation)
  • Gasoline that failed to fire (due to too high octane), can cause a buildup of scale on the combustion chamber or the valve.
The table below deliberately given a color, according to the recommended gasoline.

source : detik.com
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