BMW i8 Concept Spec,Price and Review. BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid car with an output of 260 kW and can travel a distance of 35 kilometers by mode electricity - enough to sustain day-to-day mobility needs. As a sports car, BMW i8 which can seat four passengers was able to shot with a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour.

BMW Concept i8 capable of attaining speeds of 100 kilometers per hour from a standstill in less than five seconds with a fuel consumption of less than three liters for a distance of 100 kilometers.

BMW also offers an intelligent mobility services. In this case, the focus is on solutions for land-use parking more careful, smart navigation system may utilize information based on location, plan travel routes with different modes are integrated, as well as car usage schemes together (sharing) which tecakup in DriveNow concept.
source : detik.com

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