B7 Electric Super Race Car Spec, Price and Review. B7 Electric Super Car Race relies on aerodynamics of high winds in order to be able to cut terlus run. B7 Electric Super Car Race is designed to be friendly with nature thanks to the power of technology called supercapasitor who can jack up the original power of this car until he could run up to 400-500 km per hour.

Super capacitor is reinforced conventional V8 engine that gets power from the fuel gas LPG. The power of this machine is used as a generator recharging the battery, so this machine is totally unrelated to the wheels of the vehicle.

Later this supercapasitor technology combined with Speed ​​and Control Computer (SCC) that is able to control running speed and power the car and traction control, suspension and looking for additional wind power when the rider wants to speed up or slow down like a plane.

In the cabin, the feel is no longer visible inside the car cabin B7 Electric Super Car Race but it's been like a fighter jet cockpit. Driver and co-drivers occupy space in the middle. The driver in front and behind the co-driver, like in fighter jets.
source : detik.com

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