World's Longest Motorcycle. British man named Colin Furze modify a 125 cc motorcycle engine is modified here and there until lengthwise. This motor suspension and frame are made from aluminum made ​​in such a way that ultimately can be strong carrying 25 passengers.

Furze revealed that he built this bike with three of his colleagues in the back of the house. Now thanks to the hard work that Furze awaiting recognition from Guinness World of Records.

It's nothing, armed with a body that snaking along the 22-meter, the motor made ​​Furze is indeed great potential to be recognized as the world's longest motorcycle.

Because the motors are currently the longest recorded in the Guinness World of Records is just over 14 meters only.

Moreover, Furze has also made ​​a video about this bike and how he drove it. When the rules in the Guinness World of Records required him to walk as far as 100 meters, Furze could bring the bike path is up to 1.6 km away.
source : detik.com

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