Tips Wearing Nitrogen in Tires. Tires are filled with gas (wind) a certain pressure is generally comprised of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen gas. Where the gas mixture is obtained from the surrounding air pump gas / wind, or gas that we breathe everyday. 

Oxygen gas particles are smaller than nitrogen gas, oxygen gas so it could be three times faster than nitrogen gas seeps through the cracks subtle connection to the tire rim or mechanical seal / valve on the nipple (ventil). 

advisable to check the tire pressure on a cold tire condition, is because when the tire is used (driving), the temperature of the gas inside the tire will increase (heat). Increasing the temperature of the gas to increase gas pressure in the tire. Nitrogen gas (N2) has claimed that pressure was stable against changes in the working temperature of the tire, so it would be safe for vehicles that are often driven fast (speeding) or haul heavy loads. 

The advantage of using N2 as the gas filler tires :
  1. Tire pressure awake longer (more rarely recharge) 
  2. Traction and performance tires to be optimal (due to a good grip, pressure is not reduced) 
  3. Save fuel (the right pressure, relieve the engine work) 
  4. Extend the life of the tire (the right pressure, tires will be evenly ending) 
  5. Improve safety (proper pressure, grip and stability maintained) 
  6. Oxidation does not occur on a rubber tire (tire rubber extends the life of elasticity) 
  7. Not help to rust (iron safe for components) 
  8. Tire pressure is stable against the temperature of the tire (to reduce accidents caused by blowout - overpressure) 

N2 itself was first used in racing, aircraft and special heavy vehicle, before being introduced to the public for use in everyday vehicles and motor cars. 

Weaknesses Nitrogen gas (N2) as a tire filler gas : 
  • Prices are still expensive.

Generally hover around 10 thousands to 20ribu dollars for each tire. Not to mention there are additional costs if the gas before filling the tire instead of N2, since it must be drained and filled prior to N2 gas. Costs range from approximately 5ribu drain - 10 thousands dollars. 
  • Treatment.

Every time the tire has been filled by N2, then the next if the pressure is reduced, it is advisable to add it to the N2 as well. 
  • Availability 
Not many tire repair shop that provides the services N2 charging.

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