Three-Wheel Motor Spec, Price and Review. Viar targeting the small and medium businesses as the target user's own 3-wheel motorcycle. This motor is itself a commercial motor are cheap, efficient, haulage lot, and easily modified for various needs, especially business people who need transportation or distribution by the small scale and short-range distance, flexible and affordable with prices starting at USD 2063,16 to USD 2376,11

Work of 150 cc has a cooling radiator, with a payload capacity Bak reach 750kg, pengerak axle, you can easily reach the hand brake, large wheels with tires the same size allows for tire rotation and has a reverse gear.

As for the work 200 the difference is 200 cc engine, haulage capacity reaches 1,200 kg which is wider than the broad dimensions of work type 150. for painting WORKS Electro Plating already using the technology for stainless.
source : detik.com

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