JP1 Supercar Spec, Price and Review. JP1 is a supercar from Australia created by Joss Developments Limited. The car has the ability to run up to 360 miles per hour. 20 miles per hour faster than previously estimated and 60 miles per hour faster than predicted when the image of this car was first circulated.

For the price, the car that will only produce 25 units of the unit is scheduled to be released diharga 500 thousand Australian dollars, or approximately USD 4.5 billion.

That ability in the can thanks to an ear of Joss JP1 aluminum V8 engine with a capacity of 6.6 liters. Machines are then mated with the transmission Albins Zeroshift Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) this was then able to produce power to 500 horsepower.

Thanks much power, but can reach a top speed of 360 km per hour, Jozz JP1 also able to accelerate from rest to 100 km per hour in just 3 seconds and reach 160 miles per hour in 6 seconds.
source : detik.com

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