Geely MK Spec, Price and Review. Front and rear suspension are in the body Geely MK plays a role by either adding the balance in when I travel though the road is rather bumpy.

Distance heel and the head was quite far away, so for you who have a rather large body did not need to worry. Comfort was increased with a sunroof that can be arranged as desired. But still it is less cold air conditioning.

To open and close the door rather hard, because the materials used Geely products that use the 0.9 mm steel while others use steel products 0.8. On indicators, horn will sound this car was 3 times alternately at the time the first rider to travel and your every maneuver. Engine: 1,500 cc four cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC MR479QA, Max Power: 69 hp / 6,000 rpm, Max Torque: 128 Nm / 3400 rpm.
source : detik.com

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