Easy Ways to Raise Car Prices. What should you do? 

1. Make sure the Cat Bodi 

Try to open the car door and find the colors on his door frame. That's where the cars original color is usually preserved. Area here is rarely exposed to sunlight and rarely affected by exposure to chemicals from the former cleaners, so the color is at least almost the same as the original color of the car. 

2. Headlights 

Make sure the car headlights remain good. In the market many outstanding cleaning products headlights which can make the plastic cover of the main lights shining again within minutes. 

3. Clean wheels 

Never lazy to clean the wheel and flange. If the wheels that will add a sparkling impression on your car well maintained. Take time to clean dirt, dust from wheels. 

4. Focus clean the interior 

Use a vacuum to clean between the seats, and under the seats. After that wipe doortrim with a damp soft cloth. Not enough, you should also clean the window film. Try using a soft cloth and should not be mixed with liquid glass cleaner. So just water alone. 

5. Complete papers 

With full letters that the buyer knows the track record over the hands of your car. The move was believed to increase the price of the car. 

Check all engine conditions and anything to do with electricity. Never have the indicator light by itself without any damage to the machine. 

6. Easy Fix 

If the headlights or taillights broken immediately replace with new ones. 

7. Do not hesitate to pay expert 

If you sell a car that would include an expensive car, do not hesitate to pay experts to polish your car. For the size of an expensive car, a dirty car with a super clean car be worth very much. 

8. Dent body 

Do not underestimate the dented car body. Dents can be repaired but you must be careful in fixing it. Because if done in a way that does not really even be reducing the value of your car.
source : detik.com

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