Britain Oldest Biker, 94 Years Old Grandpa. Reg Scott remains a 'child's bike' even though he was now growing dusk, 94 years old. That's why no one when Scott was awarded the title as oldest biker in England or Britain's Oldest Biker.

During his life, Scott has 74 years as a child of the motor. She started her passion for two wheels in 1937 when he bought a motorcycle carrying a Norton 16H 490 cc engine capacity. At that time, the price of these motors is only 73 pounds.

But though it was long enough to be kids bike, Scott including typical of the faithful. For over 74 years, he only has 7 motors only. Now, Scott riding a Honda CBR250R motorcycle sebauh which she bought after getting funds from the show 'Deal or No Deal'.
source : detik.com

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