AE86 Trueno,The Legend Of  Toyota. Toyota AE86 2-door comes with a coded AE 86 ever show teeth in the Japanese cartoon film works Shuici Shigeno, Initial D. In his day, the Toyota AE86 is idolized young children in Japan.

Toyota AE86 Toyota A Series engine code (4A/4A-GE) DOHC inline-tech TVI-S and the sixth generation of the code signifies E86 Corolla E80 Series (E is the code for the Corolla) with rear-wheel motion.

The car carries a character of a true sports car with style fix a retractable head light and head light. The model also was applied to the output of Japanese cars more indicative of an automobile with an aura of exoticism.

Remarkably AE86 harness technology LSD (limited slip differential) are also already exist in several types (tegantung domestic market) so it makes it very responsive.

This car is intentionally manufactured with concepts such as rally racing, and drifting. In Indonesia the car is very limited. One of the national driver Rifat Sungkar using the car every show ngedrift.
source : detik.com

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