VW Samba Spec, Price and Review. VW prices that have the title "Samba" is really special, that is 217,800 U.S. dollars or the equivalent of USD 1.8 billion. Cars are categorized as Type 1 has a 23 bar window. Forms tend to be rare for VW buses made ​​in the 1960s, especially in this condition as neat.

Mouse-gray color and the white balsam that is what makes this small bus. This is the authentic colors that is very rare. Restored VW bus with a very high quality, even the factory in Germany has the complete documentation to support their authenticity.

Other points also include interior colors are also gray, the original hook, handle with ashtray, iron-iron rack in the trunk which installed perfectly, ceiling folding (sunroof), speedometer, clock, and original radio.

The outside-in, bottom-up, all in prime condition, including a 1500 cc four-cylinder engine is stored in the stern. Its speed is claimed to be no difference when the car was newly manufactured.
source : kompas.com

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