VW Beetle Convertible Limo auctioned. VW Beetle Convertible Limo extremely rare is now being offered by the owners who named Steve. This is one of the three VW kind in the world. This is one of only three cars in the world. Steve sell this car at a price of U.S. $ 39,999 or approximately USD 343.4 million.

Currently according to Steve VW Beetle Convertible Limo in conditions that really excellent and long since been made into a frog, this car runs only as far as 300 miles or about 482 km only.

Because this car is a limo, then in a leather-wrapped cabin there are many attributes of luxuries such as mini bars with L-shaped seat In addition to the longer, the body of this car was already made ​​slightly wider than the standard form with a body that has been coupled with a body kit.
source : detik.com

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