Tips For 19 Inch Rims Fit to Place the spare tire Gran Max. To find out what steps are done, it's good you read this one:

View a comparison of old and new tires. It is intended that the holder wants the same. 

After knowing the size difference, the new convert the holder in accordance with the size of the rims and new tires.
The next step to cut the metal plate with a size 7 cm x 20 cm, and perforated in accordance with the bolt. But it suggested using landing plate, because the plate is more robust.

After the plate was cut to size, attach it to the base so that you can see its shortcomings.

After the plate is attached with bolts that stick, and mount these tires to find out how the position of the tire.
Once the spare tire has been installed, make sure the tires are installed properly in order not to interrupt your trip.
source : detik.com

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