Sensation Racing with the TVS Apache RTR 160. Adopt Apache technology and electrical ignition or Inductive Discharge Ignition IDI systematic, not CDI used motorcycles in general. IDI is a privilege asserted TVS TCI or transistor controlled ignition or ignition controller with the right benefits are able to produce a large and powerful flame to complete combustion. In addition the start-up easier and faster the temperature is not hot. 
The resulting data specification Apache RTR 160 engine with a power that is 15.2 BHP at 8500 rpm, torque of 13.1 Nm/6000 rpm. The result, Apache RTR 160 can travel 0 to 60 km / h in 4.8 seconds. Dikelir engine gray titanium. Intake Resonator Technology Surge or induction chamber inside the air filter can accelerate the flow of the fuel mixture when the gas suddenly open. 
Five-speed transmission gear box with the sequence 1-N-2-3-4-5 and the clutch pedal adjustment type of link is easy to do. Unfortunately, the pedal is too light transmission so that the biker who had a habit of putting foot on the pedal transmission must be careful because the gear can suddenly fall due tersenggol feet. 
Apache RTR 160 adopts a two shock absorbers at the rear with gas filled shock absorbers and five sizes of shock strength. The fuel tank is also big with a cover like a racing tank with a capacity of 16 liters moge, 2.5 liter reserve. 
In the brake dimodali with 270mm front brake disc-type sprocket. While the rear sprocket the size of type is also 200mm. Racing wheel with a trestle five with front size 90/90-17 and 100/80-18.
source : okezone.com

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