Proton Exora Facelift Spec and Review. Proton Cars Exora latest design  successfully  immortalized. Apparent change in the front and rear. In plain Proton Exora facelift does not look  any changes. But if there really dipasati changes in bumper design and grille. Bumper Exora facelift Proton is now more broadly  as well as  the design of the widened grille.

And other changes also occurred in the stern precisely in the spoiler. Design spoiler facelift Proton Exora more integrated with the roof. While the chrome trim, located at the back is not used in Exora facelift.

And to design rim seems Proton also has changed the design to be 8 bars from the previous only 5 bars. Unfortunately the passenger cabin can not be perpetuated. But at least the innovations that carried quite refreshing Proton MPV is 7 passengers.

The change was like to launch an air intake into the engine cab though there was no change in engine capacity. Proton Exora facelift still use CPS CamPro 4-cylinder engine, 16V DOHC 1.6-liter capacity. Seconded by a turbocharger P3 CFE to make this car even more powerful.

Currently, the engine power is 125 hp engine diputaran 6500 rpm with peak torque of 150 Nm at 4500 rpm. With the addition of turbochargers later course of this effort will terdongrak. Currently, Proton Exora released at a price of Rp 184 million to USD 220 million.

source : detik.com
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