Most Expensive Classic Bentley Car. Bentley is a car chassis numbered 3 and recorded the first to leave the factory located in Baker Street, UK. Bentley 3 is equipped with 3.5 liter engine is the original chassis. Number of its components is still incomplete, aluminum body combined with the original brass and compete in the arena of classic rally cars aged over 80 years.

Bentley 3 Litre has a weight of 1,800 km with engine power above 60 HP. 4-speed manual transmission and is able to penetrate a maximum speed of 129 km per hour. The system relies on the rate freeze only the rear brake.

Bentley's oldest companies will be auctioned by Gooding & Company at Pebble Beach, California. Predictable, Bentley 3 will sell more than 1 million U.S. dollars (more than USD 8 billion)
source : kompas.com

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