Mobile Applications To Know Car Information
Free Application 
Further, all owners of Volvo's latest model - from 2012 - could download application through the Volvo On Call to the iPhone or Android phone. The application is downloaded through the iPhone Store and Android Market is accompanied by a security system to prevent hacking parfa attacks (hackers). 

Interesting Features 
With applications on the iPhone or Android car owners can find out various things, namely: 

Car Locator. This application can specify the location of the car (car locator). The location of the vehicle is shown through the map. There's also a digital compass that guide driver in the right direction. If necessary, a car horn and indicator is activated to facilitate the search a car. 

Doors and glass-glass (Remote door lock). Giving out the status of all doors and car glass served through mobile phone screen. Owners can also lock and unlock vehicle doors by pressing the touch screen. 

Remote start heater. If the car is equipped with a heater (in winter), the tool can dihhidupkan earlier or programmed timer. 

Dashboard. To access comprehensive information about the car. Among others, the amount of fuel in the tank, the distance that can be taken until the tank is empty, fuel consumption and average speed, mileage total or partial travel (Odo and tripmeter). 

Inspection Car (Car check). To know the "health" cars, including the condition of lights, brake fluid, coolant, engine oil and oil pressure. 

Journal of Travel (Driving Journal). Complete data for 40-day trip can be downloaded and stored. This data can also be issued in the form of files (files), Excel is considered suitable for the company. 

Basic information of the vehicle. Data such as model, engine number, chassis and license plate number. 

Notice the car stolen. If the alarm is enabled, the driver was warned that the car was stolen!
source : kompas.com

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