Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding Tips. Here are some tips to keep you in mind for long trips.

1. Identify places Fuel Filling Station: So that you do not suffer when you really need fuel.

2. Check Tire Air Pressure: Air pressure in tires has an important role during long trips. Therefore, make sure the tire pressure is well known throughout the journey.

3. Baggage Capacity Note: The contents of luggage or baggage (anything) to a minimum. Ensure that baggage attached to the rail firmly to maintain balance and stability of the vehicle.

4. Stable Speed: Find the speed that you think best and feel comfortable with speed. This will increase you to have complete control of your vehicle.

5. Learn How to patch the tire: There are many possible punctured tire iron horse you when traveling. This is important if you experience these unwanted residents in a quiet street.

6. Select the right vehicle: If you are going to travel more than 1000 km, you should select the vehicle with the engine cooling system or engine has oil cooler.

7. Check the lights: Before you get to start the trip, make sure the headlamp or headlights, rear lights and indicators are working properly. Non-functioning of an even 3 of these lights will cause a threat to safety.

8. Tools and Box P3K: Make sure the tools and boxes P3K (First Aid Accident) is on the trunk of the vehicle as a preventative measure as it passed through a small remote.

9. Rest: It is advisable to stop to rest his body. Stop off for a glass is enough to stretch the muscle. This is important because it will offer a sense of relaxation, thus offering a better driving experience.

10. Safety is Top Priority: Always wear a safety helmet himself like, surge protector, gloves. If the tandem, make sure boncenger wear as well.
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