Legend Cars That Powerful

The following is a list of the legendary Muscle Car in the era:

1964 Pontiac GTO
This car is regarded as one of the pioneers of muscle car during the golden age of '60s and '70s because it has a simple look but still look classy. Under the hood lives a V8 engine with a capacity of 6.4 liter which can generate power to 325 hp at 4.800 rpm rotation. If using Tri-Power carburetors power terdongkrak up to 348 hp.

Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake 1967
In the support mounted V8 engine Shelby Paxton Supercharger, the results are very impressive up to 800 horsepower.

Dodge Charger R / T 1968
This car is known as a hero Vin Diesel in the movie Fast and Furios. The black is equipped machine Four-Barrel Magnum V8 can produce power at 375 hp. However, if combined with a 426 Hemi engine power can be increased to reach 425 hp.

1968 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner
This car has a unique history, the article Playmouth pay 50 thousand U.S. dollars to Warner Brothers to use the name. This car uses a standard engine V8 383-cid four-barrel with a maximum power 335 hp or 426-cid Hemi engine with 425 hp tanaga.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
This car has the rarest of his day because most ciamik model of American muscle car that ever existed. Camaro has a remarkable power for carrying the big-block V8 engine with a capacity of 427 cu dubbed ZL1. This machine is capable of producing power to 500 hp. Even the car is capable of running within 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds.

Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet 1969
This car also has a power no less great than others. Armed with 428-cid V8 engine with the valve head is larger than the standard Mustang and ram-air induction make it more powerful Cobra being able to exhale power 410 hp.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
This car is actually a precursor to the Camaro, but due to name his young brother was shot and finally faster SS Chevelle rays were dimmed. Chevelle SS has a big-block V8 engine under the hood. The machine is capable of supplying power to 450 hp and torque of 500 lb / ft.

1971 Plymouth Convertible Hemi'Cuda
Muscle car that one can not be underestimated. The reason this car is a competitor Camaro and Mustang. Because there is a V8 engine under the bonnet-powered 425 horsepower.

1973 De Tomaso Pantera
Pantera Cleveland V8 engine equipped with maximum power reached 330 hp mated to a ZF five-speed manual transmission. Views Pantera more fashionable when compared to other models. This car is one of the cars owned by the king of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley.
source : okezone.com

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