Datsun Lowrider  Modifications Review. The color is not less interesting. It's not black, but dark green. Therefore, the impression of elegance can be seen at a glance, but actually also in color.

Its body is dark berkelir diperkontras with the addition of chrome panels, ranging from front-rear bumper to the car's nose grille plus coconut shell lamp.

Making his body approached the ground is a challenging job for the owner who lives in Morioka, Iwate, Japan, this. By relying on the Firestone air suspension, it involves the T-Craft home modifications for the overall chassis construction, including the legs. The points modified in this section include springs, air bags for suspension, aluminum gallon, and compressors. Total, body, called Smooth 620 pickup was also down 6.4 inches than the original.

For the sake of impression "lowrider", cockpit bench was remade so impressed the passengers drowned. Hayato also embed all over his leather interior and plugging in audio devices of the alloy product Alpine, Rockford Fosgate, and Boyds.

Bodies lie down and then composed in contrast with the installation of wheels Eagle 17 x 8 inch models and spokes of a bicycle tire size 235/40R17. This is interesting for those who like to restoration. The material is a lot in the country. If you have and want to change it to be so, the Datsun was ascertained to be "on leave" from the routine of mutual sand.
source : kompas.com

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