There Are Spiderman's  Ride Fastest Electric Motorcycle. At this time the record-breaking event motorcycle and rider using Spiderman costume. In fact, motorists who broke the record his name with herbs so that it becomes Larry "Spiderman" McBride.

The last record solved and released by Nedra, a top speed of "The Rocket" reach 187 mph or 299.2 kph in 7.13 seconds. To achieve this time, made ​​several attempts. A week before the team could only reach a top speed of 185.46 miles or 295.7 kilometers per hour with a time of 7.24 seconds. Motor is set again, some components replaced, including software (software), so that it can reach the time mentioned earlier.

Other information, special electric motorcycles to drag it weighs 400 pounds or 181 kg. By Nedra, electric motorcycles ability to produce power more than 1,000 PS. While the electric current generated to rotate the electric motor reaches 4,000 Amperes.
source : kompas.com

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