Nissan GT-R with the newest technology ATTESA E-TS. Nissan's engineers tried to add ATTESA E-TS. For the version of the GT-R which uses two parallel coupling as in front-engine, ATTESA E-TS is dikustom. With this enhancement, when the car in a stationary state, the system sends 2 percent of the available torque to the front wheels and 98 percent to the rear wheels.

When the car road, flat torque was shared 50:50. This is thanks to the use of multiple sensors (four in the ABS brakes, three in the G sensor, girbok and engine ECU) and UFO technology from Nissan. As usage of these two coupling as an almost parallel. Power is sent to the front wheels in particular through the open differential.

If one front wheel (it will spin faster than a flat on the asphalt) while maneuvering around the corner, tires that will brake automatically. Thus, the sensor that controls all four wheels, depending on driving.

What is clear, with the development, the system of all-wheel drive GT-R to be proactive and dare to compete with Porsche 911 Turbo S.
source : konpas.com

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