A minibus limousine Dodge in the 1970s are still around. Minibus or van is like walking because it is still recording inscriptions modification older style complete with murals of the popular Star Wars of its time.

Fuel injected V8 engine as an activator. However, gardannya only until the first rear wheel, like its original form. A sense of retro-style look at the opening gullwing doors or upwards, particularly for middle and rear doors.

The middle to the back of the cabinets are made ​​from stainless steel cabinet. Tail section was created for the fall-lying vacant. Inside there is also TV, video, video games, up to the microwave.

Problem tires, four in the back has a width of 10 inches with a brand BF Goodrich T / A radials, while the two tires on the front has a width of 8 inches with the same brand.
source : kompas.com

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