Importance of Protecting Cable Busi In Car. Spark plug wires including engine components are quite sensitive. Just a little peeling or torn, either because of cracks or bitten by a rat, making the machine work disrupted. As a result a vibrating machine (vibrations / lame). Worse yet backfire or explosion could occur both in the exhaust or intake, because the gasoline that does not burn completely.

Sobeknya cracked spark plug wires or insulation can not protect a core wire that carries high voltage, resulting in electrical current leap towards mass / negative / ground nearby. For example, the engine body itself.

With the leap of electricity flows to ground, then the electric current received by the spark plug to be greatly reduced, perhaps even none at all. Spark plugs can not be splashed on the fire, and gasoline do not burn. This is what makes the engine vibrate or shake.

There was a stepping electric current that appears there is no visible eye. Even sometimes crack from spark plug wires can not be seen. 

source : detik.com
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