How to Increase Power Without Down Machine. For cars that figure has been above 100,000 km odometer repair shop usually recommend to do down half the engine (Top overhaul). The aim down half the engine is one of them is to clean up the pile of carbon crust in the engine (the piston) to be cleaned completely, so that the machine can be restored like new. 

Perform top engine overhaul or down half a clear need not cost you a bit, but now there are other ways to clean up carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. That is by way of carbon clean with a much cheaper cost and more practical because it is done with 'dismantle' the machine. Simply open the spark plug only. 

The process is done by inserting a liquid or a special clean carbon medicine into the combustion chamber (directly to the surface of the piston) through the spark plug hole using a special tool. Then after about 15 minutes left in place for fluid / drug sucked back. 

Well from the results of a straw that was to be seen how much carbon crust that has been successfully removed from the combustion chamber, even using a flashlight we could see through the sparkplug hole when the piston is clean again as new. 

Clean carbon process is done when the machine is already in hot conditions, because if the engine is still cold, clean carbon liquid will not react. 

To maintain vehicle performance remains excellent, the carbon is recommended for routine cleaning is done every multiple of 30,000 km or 1 year. The cost depends on brand of cars, could be around USD 250-350 thousand only with the process of around 1 hour (in Indonesia).
source : detik.com

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