A Grandma Do Drifting Action, Check This Out ! It turned out that age does not influence someone to do something extraordinary. an elderly woman who dared to take action generally drifting mostly done by men or young women. Drifting skills that he carried the unconscious man on the sidelines in the vicinity.

Secretly he took over the wheel of a BMW 2-door gray, which he subsequently Geber into the open field. Grandma was time to take action drifting 2-3 rounds and managed to form a round donut. Action like in the movie Tokyo Drift.

Suddenly desperate course of action grandmother who successfully recorded in 30 seconds to make people around him were shocked and tried to prevent it. When the action successfully intercepted, grandmother and even then stopped the car and came out with smiling faces.

With a relaxed face, it turns out he managed to make people around him surprised, maybe even have a chuckle in awe of his skills. Video showing the power of the grandmother on the Youtube site also has seen 29,503 people.
source : detik.com
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