Funny Piaggio Car NT3 Review. NT3 was developed to respond to market competition cheap cars in India and Vietnam and other countries in Asia. Piaggio NT3 has a 1 +2 seating configuration this gives a chance to challenge the Tata Nano cheapest car in India which sold for Rp 22 million only.

1 +2 seating configuration NT3 Piaggio makes the steering is on the center dashboard. Front row passengers can only be charged one driver that Piaggio NT3. Who's the second line to fill two adult passengers.
This car uses Piaggio three-wheel vehicle base, which already Ape famous.

To spur kitchen, NT3 Piaggio will use the engine capacity of 200 cc and 300 cc and 300 cc motorcycle hybrid that is a mix between regular and electric motors.

NT3 has a length of about 2.4 meters. There are engines 200 cc and 300 cc. With a 200 cc engine, the mass production version will likely only be NT3 can run as fast as 60 km / hr. Meanwhile, with its 300 cc engine can run with a top speed of 80 km / hour.
source : detik.com

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