Claims electric-powered vehicles (electric vehicle / EV) is an environmentally friendly public lie. This was revealed by Clive Matthew-Wilson, editor of industry observers at the same time Zealand's Dog & Lemon Guide caradvice.com quoted as saying, today (21 / 3).

According to Clive observation, when all cars are powered by electricity will certainly add to the burden of household electricity consumption. Means, the supply of energy from power plants also swell. With the increasing demand of power supply, it is not possible to increase power center (PLT)-whether it be nuclear, atomic, or others-which included one of the biggest polluters.

The definition of public deceit dati Clive, environmentally friendly cars that had remained a supplier of gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Only, the indirect nature of the vehicle, but was transferred to the central power plant.

He took a concrete example of testing an electric car Tesla Roadster from Melbourne to Brisbane, Australia. The trial is at once ambitious record of the world's longest journey using electric cars. According to him, this trip requires electrical energy is wasteful and transferring gas carbon dioxide (CO2) more than the road to the PLT.

According to Tesla, the condition of the battery is full, the car can go as far as 360-394 km. Meaning, each traveling 3,000 km, cars need to recharge the eight or nine times using voltage 24 volt socket.

"Claims like the Tesla electric car that only emission-free public lies. Use of electric cars the same way to transfer pollution from power plants, which are far more severe because it uses coal generating more CO2," explained Clive.

Clive continued, a new electric car can claim to be free of pollution if they do re-charging (charging) using renewable energy (non-fossil) and environmentally friendly. Therefore, he continued, increasing popularity of electric cars is the same worsen pollution in the earth for a long time, if there is no effort to encourage the use of new energy.

"Many alternative energy industries to overcome problems created only briefly. In fact, all this technology there's nothing economical, does not work properly. It is very disturbing to see air of politicians and business leaders on television promoting the use of economic fantasy fantasy technology," said Clive.

source : kompas.com

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