Corvette C6 driver Burnout Video. In this video, a C6 can be seen throwing down rubber on a stretch of pavement while his counterpart films from the side of the road. It seems to take the C6 awhile to actually create smoke, but once it does, the tires leave behind substantial burnout marks.

The filmed burnout doesn’t seem to be the first one that was done by this car on this stretch of road. Burnout marks can be seen in the opposing lane of traffic as substantial as the ones created in the video.

This may seem like just another burnout video to some, but this is unique because it isn’t done in front of a crowd of people. In fact, as soon as the C6 pulls away, birds can be heard breaking the silence left behind by the squealing tires. It seems that the act is done just for the pure joy of the Corvette driver- the best reason to do a burnout in my book.
source : autoevolution.com

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