Car Shaped Coffin, Check This Out!. We see this one car model Mercedes 1950, is not unique crates made ​​of teak or similar. Designers Paa Joe of Ghana made ​​of fiberglass materials available in various colors and designs. The designer makes it similar to a car originally equipped with four wheels. In addition, the company was willing accordingly design request from the family.

While the other most unique models are offered by the Vic Fearn. It claims the body is more comfortable to rest in the car era of the 30s, and also not leave the impression of excessive armature.

Model latest model, a coffin-shaped Ford Focus World Rally Team complete bertulisankan Focus (WRC) is spectacular. With this concept, at least the mourners did not feel creepy.

There are also a la Mercedes coffin made ​​of wood entirely. The coffin was made ​​with a design that has high precision and is made by craftsmen Jose Gomes of Portugal.

Unique coffin with turbo engine. The coffin was made ​​to James D. Calabrese who use various parts from his favorite car cars 1958 Chevy Biscayne.
source : detik.com

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