5 modes Deprivation on Toll Road Cars, Carefully !

1. Hit from behind 
 Can be grazed, or just hit the bumper only. This mode, is considered effective because the victim would spontaneously out of the cab car and asked the penabrak responsible. At that moment, the victim pretended to be invited to the side and searched for beaten quiet location. 

2. Cutting the rate of vehicle 
 These events usually take place quickly. Actors will initially claimed to be police or intelligence in charge of checking and will catch the victim. If the victim was lured out of the cabin, then that actor will perform brutal acts. The car was taken away, while the victim was battered at the edge of the highway. Actors do not hesitate to bring another victim into the car to throw out of the highway. 

3. Tells you something code 
Do not hurry believe in the code provided other riders with you when you drove on the highway. Can you just stop after a code from someone. But do not hurry out of the car. Wait until there are officers pass, or try to contact officers through existing phone. These codes are often used actors usually are prevalent. For example, a flat tire code, bamper loose. Or sometimes the code is confusing, with hand gestures, pointing at your car. With certain codes we usually hooked to exit the cabin and see what happens. 

4. Making noise 
There are only mode by criminals on the highway. One way is to intentionally make noise against fellow users of the highway. For example, drop something from the car to run over by a car behind him. If pelindas blurred, and actors pretending to pursue until caught. If already arrested, the brutal acts were carried out. Remember, we should not quickly serve the people like that. 

5. Install trap 
For those who had just parked at the rest area, beware. So many cars parked there, can be exploited by the unscrupulous. Moreover, free parking, highly prone to action that seemed deadly trap. These traps are usually trivial, but the effects are fatal.
source : detik.com

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