Yamaha Xeon New Views Spec, Secretly Yamaha did a refresher on one skutiknya the Xeon. Xeon now comes with 5 new colors namely Atomic White Flash, Rapid Tron Black, Dynamic Blue Zoyd, Transmatic Red Alpha and Ducleus Greenoid.

Especially for Atomic White Flash combined with a red color that makes it even more unique. In the double seat, rear handle and foot rest is red while the white striping.

Currently, Yamaha sells New Xeon worth USD 15.79 million. Capacity of 125cc scooter is still reinforced cylinders and forged pistons diasil represents the excess of the Xeon. Xeon 125 cc SOHC engine has also been supported liquid cooling, so temperature is more stable machine.

Xeon machine can shoot power 8.05 kW at 8500 rpm and maximum torque 10.1 Nm at 7000 RPM.

New Xeon Total sales during the year 2010 reached 114,262 units or 6.87% of total sales of automatic Yamaha motorcycle category of 1,661,496 units.

In the first quarter (January to March) 2011, New Xeon sold 38 919 units or 8.76% of total sales of 444,192 units of automatic Yamaha motorcycle category.

source : detik.com

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