Toyota-Microsoft Make Smart Vehicle. In an agreement worth U.S. $ 12 million, Toyota and Microsoft is committed to creating an unusual vehicle. They call cars 'smart', because it will come with access and the latest digital devices.

This collaboration will lead by the Toyota Media Service Company - a subsidiary of Toyota Corp.. specifically deal with digital information services.

The car that was made has scheduled dilengapi with telematics applications that run on top of Windows Azure cloud computing platform. Only, this car is built specially for electric vehicles and hybrid Toyota.

"Starting from 2012, customers who buy electric or hybrid cars Toyota will have the ability to connect with cloud computing in order to control and monitor their vehicles from various places. Of course, with how to safely and convincingly," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

For example, continued Ballmer, customers can turn on the heating or air conditioning in their cars when their vehicle was parked or monitor how far the next power station from their GPS system.

"Customers can also use the smartphone to check the car battery,"

In essence, the user could have full authority over the vehicle remotely. Starting from the access monitor to give instructions.

source : detik.com

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