This is it, Classic Car Wedding William-Kate. If Royal Bentley and Rolls-Royce used alone, then to Aston Martin's more meaningful, because it is used together. Both sat in front, with Prince William as a driver. Is a car that Aston Marton DB6 Mark II.

During this time the car was owned by the Prince William's father Prince Charles. Aston Martin was apparently already become an environmentally friendly car because its fuel is converted into biofuel. Prince Charles did is one figure in the UK who are happy with environmental friendly cars.

Originally the car was able to have the power to 325 hp, but due to the already converted using bioefuel, how much power the engine so it is not known.

This car was originally made ​​for the car in James Bond films. And so far the car is usually already fallen into the hands of the collector car.
soure : detik.com

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