"King of Hybrid, Toyota Prius, re-recorded great achievements in his country, became best-selling car for the 2010 fiscal year (April 2010-March 2011).

Based on data from Japan Automobile Dealers Association (Japan Automobile Dealers Association), which cited the Nikkei today, the Prius managed to maintain the best-selling title two years in a row. Prius sales last year grew due to be assisted by government incentives, tax reductions for such direct tax cuts on the grounds of environmental friendly vehicles.

Toyota managed to sell 283,332 Prius units, up 2.1 percent. The second position followed by the Honda Fit, 189,369 units (up 9.4 percent) and the Suzuki Wagon R 177,215 units (down 8.4 percent).

Prius also successfully achieved the second performance in the United States with sales of one million units for 11 years (since 2000).

"Since its presence in the U.S., the Prius never shifted positions as the best-selling hybrid car," said Bob Carter, vice president and general manager of Toyota Division, provided Leftlanenews, today.

Another achievement Prius in the U.S., has saved 881 million gallons of gasoline to or equivalent to 3.25 billion liters with a nominal value of 2.19 billion U.S. dollars (USD 18.9 trillion). With one million Prius, a U.S. citizen also reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) 12.4 million tons.

source : kompas.com

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