One of the all-new sport sedan Mercedes SLK63 AMG caught on camera again when tested in Nurburgring, Germany. For the umpteenth time sport sedan was tested by the manufacturer.

New car sighting Mercedes SLK63 AMG for the umpteenth time that as a sign if the German car manufacturer was really ready to launch the All New Mercedes SLK63 AMG.

Front face began to grill, bumper, LED head lamp and tested cars are fresher and more aggressive. Stern section also looks more sporty with 4 mufler.

Mercedes SLK63 AMG comes with all the latest changes and increasingly aggressive performance. Not just outside, the cabin passengers was also recognized as having improved to kenimatan drive users.

As reported, worldcarfans, Monday (04/04/2011) party manufacturers touted ready to market the All New Mercedes SLK63 AMG in 2012. Not yet clear beginning, middle or end of 2012, but if you see the readiness Pika producer, is not impossible that this car is 'sticking' in early 2012.

Unfortunately not yet clear whether the engine capacity will be revised. The outstanding issues that would carry cars between 5500 cc engine capacity 422 hp V8-powered, 6200 cc V8 producing 451 hp and engine power kapasiats 5500 cc twin-turbo V8 that produces 537 hp and torque of 800 Nm.

In addition, other forms of improvement by Mercy is going Dihadirkannya SLK63 AMG Mercedes hybrid. Unfortunately the producers still closed meeting regarding the Mercedes SLK63 AMG twin engines.

source : dettik.com

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